Missed Call Assistant

Never Lose Business

To A Missed Call Again!

We'll turn every missed call into a text message conversation



Missed Call AI Assistant

Did You Know That More Than 50% Of Inbound Calls Go Unanswered Every Day???


Never lose business because of a missed call again

No missed-calls left behind

No missed-calls left behind

Every time you miss a call, we'll send a text message back to the caller within seconds!

Turns missed-calls into Text conversations

Turns missed-calls into Text conversations

When they reply, we'll send you a notification where you can either continue the conversation OR you can let your own trained AI assistant take over and answer common questions!

Book appointments on autopilot

Book appointments on autopilot

Let the Missed Call Assistant schedule appointments, record all of the details for the job and reply to your customer day or night.

All you need to do it either approve the date or suggest a new day!

Never loose business to your competitors because you were busy when the phone rang

Never loose business to your competitors because you were busy when the phone rang

When people are on Google looking for a tradesman or women if you don't reply within 5 mins they're moving onto your competitor.

Not anymore! If you can't answer they will receive a text message within minutes

How can the Missed Call Assistant

Help My Business?

We are working for your success!

Stop Loosing Business To Your Competitors

Stop Loosing Business To Your Competitors *

According to a survey carried out the odds of connecting and qualifying with your lead drops 80% if you don't respond within 5 minutes

All of your customers will receive a text message within minutes of you missing the call.

Don't Leave Money On The Table *

Don't Leave Money On The Table *

When a customer calls and want to book an appointment don't leave them hanging.

The intelligent AI service can qualify your leads, answer frequent questions and arrange a time to call them back OR book an appointment automatically (even while you sleep!)

Happy and Satisfied Customers

Happy and Satisfied Customers

We asked over 100 people what was important to them when looking for a tradesman (apart from skilled) and the TOP answer was someone that answers the phone and gets back to me.

Your customers will receive immediate responses so you will have happy customers AND you get your evenings back and don't have to spend hours in between jobs trying to remember who you've got to call back!

237,000 Customers Can't Be Wrong!




Productivity Boost




Increase in Lead Conversion

Google Reviews

Hear From Our Clients

I recently worked with Vikki, and I could not be happier with the results. Her expertise and creativity helped bring my visions and Brand to life. Vikki is professional, responsive and delivered exceptional results. I would highly recommend her service to anyone looking to elevate their social media presence. It is great to work with Vikki, she is understanding and cares about your project and end goal. Fabulous!


Betty's Caribbean Fusion

Great service Vikki has helped me with my social media accounts and they have come on leaps and bounds since. I can't thank her enough. Vikki helps me create daily social media content and off the back of this my workload has increased and we're only just getting started! Thank you again Vikki


Gold Pest Control

I cannot recommend this business highly enough, their knowledge of all these matters is so impressive and the attention to detail is fantastic. A pleasure to work with and the results are great too, thanks so much for all your hard work and vision


Bespoke Cashmere and Wool Blankets


Am I tied into a long contract?

NO! It's a pay monthly subscription so you can cancel easily at any time either through your account or by dropping us an email

I'm not a tech person, how am I going to set this up?!

We are right by your side getting everything set up and ready for your business. When you sign up you'll have the option to book an onboarding call, this is a 60 - 90 minute call where we take you through step by step getting started and set up and how everything works. We can then go away and work on personalising everything to your business so that you're ready to go.

You also have unlimited support so if you're stuck on anything we can jump on a call together and show you how it works

Is there a limit to the amount of customers or users I can have?


This is where Trade Torch Digital comes into it's own and is different from other platforms available, where you're charged per customer or per user. With Trade Torch Digital you have unlimited customers, unlimited users, unlimited storage - All included in the monthly subscription

Does Trade Torch Digital integrate with anything?

Yes, we integrate with Quickbooks so your invoices are sent to Quickbooks automatically (Xero is coming).

We integrate with Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Clio, Zapier.

If you have any questions reach out to us via our chat widget and we'll be happy to answer any queries you have

Can I create a services list in Trade Torch Digital?

Yes and we recommend adding your services and pricing to save you time when you're sending quotes and estimates.

We can help you set this up on our initial call and then show you how to easily add services and pricing as you grow

Can I schedule jobs without my customers booking themselves?

Yes and it's so easy to do! You can schedule all of your jobs yourself or have some customers booking online and some you do manually.

The calendars are easy to use and they integrate with Google calendars so they're easy to see and manage online or from the app.

You can also set the customer reminders to go when you're scheduling the jobs and we will set that up for you and show you how to add it (it's literally a press of a button)

Will I have support?

Yes, we provide phone and video call support Monday to Saturday 10am - 7pm (UK time) or outside of those hours you can WhatsApp us and we will get back to you as soon as we see it.

The support is included in your monthly fee

What are the costs of texts, emails and AI

You receive a monthly credit of $10 towards your calls, email, text and AI costs included in your monthly subscription.

The breakdown is:

Emails - $0.001012 per email $10 will give you about 9881 emails

Receiving calls - $0.021 per call $10 will give you about 476 calls

Making calls - $0.01275 per call $10 will give you about 784 calls

Conversation AI - $0.03 per message $10 will give you about 333 messages

Reviews AI - $0.10 per review $10 will give you about 100 reviews

Text Messages - $0.01185 per text segment received $10 will give you about 844 text segments

Text Messages - $0.0504 per text segment sent $10 will give you about 198 text segments

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