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Unlimited Users

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Trade Torch Digital Package

Manage & Grow Your Trade Business

From ONE Place





£497 £97/Mo

Setup - £250

For a LIMITED time the set up is complimentary

  • Industry Specific Website Template

    • Domain Hosting

  • Missed-Call Receptionist *

  • Reputation Management - Review Monitoring + Replies *

  • Social Media Templates


  • Social Media Planner -

    • Ready to use industry specific social media posts ready for you to use

    • Schedule your Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and Google Business Profile posts from ONE place

  • Email Marketing

    • Send professional emails that your customers will love - choose from an extensive library of templates or create your own with an intuitive drag and drop

  • Aiden your AI Customer Service Rep trained to your business *

    • Book appointments, nurture customers, send reminders, chat with your customers all on auto pilot via text, a chat widget on your website while you sleep,

      • Respond INSTANTLY to website, Facebook, Instagram AND Google messages & DMs without even checking your phone!

  • Mobile App

  • * Please note additional email, text and call fees apply

Business Growth Package

All The Tools You Need To Successfully Grow Your Trade Business - In ONE Place





£997 £697/Mo


  • Everything in Trade Torch Digital

  • Custom built website for your business

    • Including Email

    • Website SEO

    • Domain Hosting

    • Domain Name

  • SEO Audit and Recommendations

    • Keyword Analysis for up to 10 keyword and search terms

    • Keyword monitoring

    • Online SEO

  • Google Analytics and Google Search Console

    • Set up (if not already set up) and monthly monitoring

  • Google Business Profile

    • Optimisation of your current profile

    • Set up and optimisation if you don't have one set up

    • Weekly Updates and posts


  • Social Media Management Growth Package included

    • We create and schedule 3 posts per week (12 posts per month) for 2 social media platforms
      (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Pinterest)

    • We create eye catching engaging posts, videos and reels personalised to your business

    • We can engage with your followers and people looking for your services

    • We will optimise your social media profiles for better engagement and business opportunities

  • * Please note additional email, text and call fees apply

Business Accelerator


Achieve Lasting Success with our Revolutionary Customised Business Accelerator Package: Hands-Free, Tailored To Your Business and Fully Optimized for Maximum Growth

  • Everything in the Trade Torch Digital and Business Growth Core Packages - This package is tailored to your business needs

  • Paid Advertising

    • We create eye catching, business growing adverts

    • Lead generation ads designed for your business

    • In house follow up to qualify leads on your behalf

  • Email Marketing Done For You

    • Collect leads on autopilot

    • Weekly (newsletters, company updates, special offers etc) done for you

  • Database Reactivation

    • Already have a database of contacts that you haven't spoken to in months or years? We'll get in contact with them to remind them how your services can help them

  • SMS & Email Templates *-Set up for your business

  • * Please note additional text and call fees apply

Social Media Management Packages

Revolutionise Your Business Growth with the Power of Technology

  • Social Media Management

    • From a few posts per month to 7 posts per week to unlimited social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Pinterest

    • We create engaging posts, videos and reels personalised to your business

    • We can engage with your followers and grow your social media accounts

    • We will optimise your social media profiles for better engagement and business opportunities

Pay Annually & Get 2 Months Free

*Cancel Anytime

Am I tied into a contract?


Our subscriptions run on a month by month basis so you can cancel at any time either through your account or by emailing us on [email protected]

What is the difference between the Business Growth Package and the Social Media Management Business Growth Package

The Business Growth Package includes a customised website for your business, keyword research and monitoring, citations registration, clean up and monitoring, SEO and set up and monitoring of your Google Analytics and Google Search Console - the Social Media Management Business Growth Package does not include these.

Which Business Package is right for me and my business?

Good Question!

Trade Torch Digital - If you know your way around a computer, you prefer to create your own social media content or use templates (you're just over having to use different apps and websites to post it!) and you want a system that's set up for your business that you can then run with then this is the package for it. It includes everything you need to manage and grow your business from one place and there is unlimited support included.

Business Growth Package - If you're time limited, you know you need to be more visible online but don't understand why you're not getting traffic to your website or your Google profile doesn't even show up in any searches and you want to post to social media but there just aren't enough hours in the day then this package is for you. We take care of everything for you, we set everything up for you and train the system based on your business preferences.

If you are getting traffic to your website but need to be a lot more active on Social Media then the Social Media Management Business Growth Package will be better for you.

Business Accelerator Package - This is a completely personalised package for you and your business. This is for business owners looking for a new website, or want to advertise but they've been throwing money at advertising and getting no results OR you're looking to automate your operations and want everything set up and monitored for you.

If you are not sure what package is right for your business please schedule a free discovery call with us.

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What are the additional email, text and call fees?

With each package you receive a monthly credit towards your calls, email, text and AI costs.

On the basic packages you receive $10 per month

On the Business Growth Package & the Social Media Management Business Growth Package you receive $30 per month

On the Business Accelerator & Social Media Management Premium Business Growth Packages you receive $50 per month

The breakdown is:

Emails - $0.001012 per email

$10 will give you about 9881 emails

Receiving calls - $0.021 per call

$10 will give you about 476 calls

Making calls - $0.01275 per call

$10 will give you about 784 calls

Conversation AI - $0.03 per message

$10 will give you about 333 messages

Reviews AI - $0.10 per review

$10 will give you about 100 reviews

Text Messages - $0.01185 per text segment received

$10 will give you about 844 text segments

Text Messages - $0.0504 per text segment sent

$10 will give you about 198 text segments

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Simply Integrates With Leading Apps, Including:

Integrates With Zapier
Integrates With Google
Integrates With Facebook Messenger
Integrates With Quickbooks
Integrates With Clio

Hear What Others Say

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ As a business owner, it is always important to know the numbers and statistics in your company. To know your best clients, programs, what is working or not working. Many of us spend years and thousands of dollars on software that we think will help, and spend too much money, time and effort to implement. And if we can’t understand it all, we have to invest/pay another person to understand and implement it all.

As a subscriber to multiple software platforms to keep our businesses at the forefront of the industry, I can truly share this software makes my job as the CEO a simpler one. Meaning I can see new clients coming in the door from multiple resources, our company follow up, conversions, current client’s information, sales, and special offers in one place.

Christina Nelson

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ This is a whole new level of business automation. I don't know what I did without it. From the quick and simple website builder to the high-converting chat widget, from the detailed sales pipeline tracking to the missed call text back, from the automated workflows to the nurture and engagement campaigns and reputation management this software really is a game changer. Highly recommended.

Alastair Macartney

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I have been completely blown away by the amazing support from Trade Torch Media. I've tried different platforms in the past and none of them compare to the amazing results that Trade Torch Media have given me.

My sales pipeline continues to grow, my customers are responded to faster and everyone is getting improved results. Plus, I can track it all simply - and almost all of it is automated.

Amy Schultz

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